Steven Seegel on Friday, November 15 at noon

Professor Steven Seegel (Associate Professor of History at the University of Northern Colorado) will present from his book project in progress, Map Wars: Lives and Deaths of Geographers in the Making of East Central Europe. The project is a microstudy of the entangled modern lives and transnational careers of six geographers across East Central Europe, from the 1870s to the 1950s.


Image: map drawn by Pál Teleki after WWI.

Light refreshment will be provided.

Nadine Wassef, Friday, June 7 at 12:30 pm

The final Socialism in Contexts meeting for 2012-2013 was a presentation by our recently minted UCSD Ph.D in Literature, Dr. Nadine Wassef. Dr. Wassef presented an article in

progress, “Marinetti’s Cultural Tides: The Flow of Futurist Aesthetics across the Mediterranean.” This research was drawn from her dissertation, which treated cultural relations between Egypt and Italy. (Congratulations to Dr. Wassef, who has since assumed a faculty position in Italian Literature at Ains Shams University in Cairo.)

Steven Lee (UC-Berkeley) on Friday, May 10

On Friday, May 10 at 12 noon, Professor Steven Lee of UC-Berkeley (English Dept.) will present a paper in progress, titled “The Ethnic Avant-Garde: Minority Cultures and World Revolution”. The paper will deal with comparative multi-culturalisms and the art that accompanied them in the US and the Soviet Union. Please write to Amelia Glaser ( for more information and a copy of the paper.

Dick Madsen and Paul Pickowicz on April 19

On Friday, April 19, UCSD Professors Dick Madsen (Sociology) and Paul Pickowicz (History) spoke about chapters from their recently published book, Restless China. Prof. Pickowicz’s chapter, “Political Humor in Postsocialist China: Transnational and Still Funny”, deals with the funciton of the “anti-Soviet” joke in China today. Prof. Madson’s chapter, “The Sacred and the Holy: Religious Power and Cultural Creativity in China Today”, deals with popular, charismatic, unofficial, bottom-up religion. Congratulations to Professors Madsen and Pickowicz on this excellent new addition to China scholarship.

January 11, Prof. Amelia Glaser


We invite you to join us for the next meeting of the Socialism in Contexts Workshop at the UCSD Center for the Humanities Seminar Room (Literature Building, 3rd Floor)

12 noon – 2 pm, Friday, January 11.

Professor Amelia Glaser (Literature Department, UCSD) will present an article in progress, “From Jewish Jesus to Black Christ: The Outsider in Leftist Yiddish Poetry”.

Socialism in Contexts: Antecedents, Realities, Legacies

Currently, scholars across a wide range of disciplines are concerned with the relationship between socialism as an ideology and as a political practice. This workshop will convene around several important questions, across cultures and disciplines: What is the difference between socialism in theory and in practice? How has the experience of recently existing socialisms affected the notion of freedom, transparency of government, and history? What can be gleaned from existing and recent socialist states to help us better understand the role of Marxism in society? What is the relationship between socialist ideology and the institutions of culture? The group will be convening monthly for 2-hour discussions of a scholar’s research in progress.