Translat(e)ability: Borders, Disability, and Crip Collaboratives advances the interdisciplinary work of Critical Disability Studies. This research group queries borderlands as spaces—sites of cultural and political extremes as these dimensions produce conditions yet to be engaged within the parlance of critical disability studies. This transborder scholarly and activist collaboration takes multiple stakes—political, cultural, ideological, social, and personal—that emerges in discussions of geographic (US/Mexico) and disciplinary borders. They ask, how do we mobilize the Translat(e)ability collective (a transborder scholarly and activist community) in service of Critical Disability Studies pedagogy and, potentially, curriculum and public policy?

Participants include Michael Davidson, Haydee Smith, Gina Altavilla, and Bernadine Hernandez of the Literature Department and Brian Goldfarb, Christina Aushana, and Louise Hickman of the Communication Department.