This research group studies what disciplinary tools we will need as humanities and social science scholars to think and narrate Financial Capitalism through the turn toward the Anthropocene, a recognition of human infrastructures on environmental change. What academic interventions can be made to link subjectivities to ecological and social problems, and how can the humanities be made useful as a mediary between the institution and the social?

UCSD provides a unique site for thinking about the Anthropocene because of our proximity to the San Diego/Tijuana border region, Pacific weather patterns, biotech industry, and militarization. With its clear connection to geo-economic industry, UCSD provides a rich site of investigation for this research collaborative into the narratives and discursive modes that make up the Anthropocene.


Conveners include Kendall Grady (Literature) and Brett Zehner (Literature) with additional participants coming from Communication, Visual Arts, Latin American Studies, Sociology, and Scripps Institute for Oceanography.