Geographies, Peripheries, and Spaces in Latin America intends to analyze the impact and significance of geography within Latin American social, cultural, environmental, political, and artistic spaces. As social inequality and income stratification affect both urban and rural populations throughout Latin America, analysis of the impacts on social, cultural, and physical spaces are critical to a deeper assessment regarding the region’s historical antecedents and contemporary conditions. We arrived at this intervention through a collective inquiry found in our respective disciplines: What is the role of geography in the formation of Latin American historical and contemporary realities? This question is pertinent to the fields of History, Literature, Anthropology, and Visual Arts, yet remains largely defined by our respective departments individually rather than examined through a variety of epistemological lenses. We intend to counteract this absence by coordinating reading groups, writing workshops, guest speaker talks, and a conference that highlight the importance of geography in the studies of Latin America.
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