IFER Schedule of Events

Winter Quarter 2015:

March 10th – 4pm El Colegio de la Frontera Norte

  • Renewable Energy
  • With: Dr. Zayre Gonzalez (CICESE) and Jocelyn Gonzalez Troncoso (MAIA) on the use of the Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix.  Luis Garcia Hernandez (MAIA) on the feasibility of wind power in Mexico.

February 24th – 4pm Munk Room, SIO

  • Workshop on Biomimicry
  • With: Dimitri Deheyn (SIO Researcher), Jacques Chirazi (Founder of Biomimicry San Diego, Manager of City fo San Diego Clean Technology Program), and Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker (Science writer and research  consultant).

Febrary 10th – 4pm Munk Room, SIO

  • Paving the Path to Paris: Impressions from the UN Climate Negotiations in Lima, Peru (COP20)
  • With: Professor Lisa Levin (CMBC Director and head of UC Revelle Delegation for COP20), PhD Students Jennifer Le, Natalya Galloa, Noah Ben-Aderet, and Kathryn Furby.

January 27th – 4pm Munk Room, SIO

  • Ike: Whisper to Wisdom – Movie presentation on indigenous knowledges
  • With: Clifford Kapono, Director.

January 13th –  4pm Surfside Lounge

  • Photography, Science, and Conservation
  • With: Octavio Aburto-Oropeza, Professor of Marine Biology, Professional Photographer, and Director of UC Gulf of California Program.


Fall Quarter 2014:

December 2nd – 4pm, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana

  • Conflictos Social-Ambientes
  • With: Dr. Luis Vera, Environmental Lawyer and featuring student presentations from el COLEF.

November 18th – 4pm, Munk Room, SIO

  • The Fin Art of Ray Troll or How I Became a Scientific Surrealist
  • With: Ray Troll, Artist, Biologist, Ratfish-lover.

October 29th – 4pm, Sustainability Resources Center, UCSD

  • Water Management in Extreme Drought
  • With: Jessica Block, Calit2-UCSD; George Adrian, San Diego City Utilities Department; Elmer Alex, Water Reuse San Diego;

October 14th – 4pm,  Surfside Lounge, SIO

  • So Sick!  Visualizing Coral Reef Health Under the World’s Most Famous Waves
  • With: Clint Edwards (SIO) and Clifford Kapono (Chemistry).

Spring Quarter 2014:

April 8th – 4pm, IGPP 303, SIO

  • Transportation and the Environment
  • With: Sarah McCullough, UCSD Humanities, and Curt Lutz, UCSD Commute Solutions.

April 22nd – 4pm, IGPP 303, SIO

  • Ecology and Ethics
  • With: Jeremy Jackson, Scripps (retired), Coral Reef Ecologist and Professional Much Stirrer.  Intro by Kyle Haines on ‘The Expert Revolt: Deep Ecology on Earth Day’.

May 6th – 4pm, Sumner Auditorium, SIO.

  • Ecological Art and Planning
  • With: Helen and Newton Harrison, founding members of the UCSD Visual Arts Department, UC Santa Cruz.

May 20th – 4pm, Sustainability Resource Center, Price Center, UCSD.

  • Alternative Ecologies?  Chinese Daoism and the Slow Food Movement.
  • With: Luis Komjathy (USD professor of religious studies) and Ilaria Marcyan-Tabusso (PhD Candidate, Anthropology).

June 3rd – Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana

  • Indigenous Peoples and the Environment
  • With: Amy Kennemore (UCSD Anthropology) talking about Quinoa production in indigenous areas of Bolivia, and Jaramar Villareal Rosas (Colef) speaking about the influence of political and economic factors in the socio-cultural cohesion of the Cucapá and the Colorado River.

Winter Quarter 2014:

January 14th – 4pm, Hubbs 4500, SIO

  • Planning and Assessment meeting conducted as a round-table and information session, utilizing the participation of a diverse group.
  • Brainstorming our upcoming schedule and formats with core group of graduate attendees.

January 28th -4pm, Surfside Lounge, SIO

  • Communicating Catastrophe Workshop
  • Cross-disciplinary dialogue on how to use disaster scenarios and catastrophic rhetoric effectively and the differentiated kinds of challenges that each student faces in their own career logic related to active research.

February 11th -4pm, Hubbs 4500, SIO

  • Policy in the Deep Sea
  • SIO Masters students will present on the new frontier opened up by claims to the deep ocean, largely initiated by the discoveries of manganese nodules and deep-ocean vent communities.

February 25th -4pm, Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana MX

  • CERF/IGERT will field trip to COLEF for the afternoon to consummate our binational relationship with the MEA and MAIA programs with a discussion hosted and anchored by Dr. Gabriela Muñoz-Melendez and our contingent of COLEF student participators.

March 11th – 4pm, Sustainability Resource Center, UCSD

  • Revitalizing the Urban Environment
  • Students from architecture, urban studies, and political science organizing an event with three speakers from academic and policy communities in San Diego, focusing on rejuvenating an underserved and undertheorized aspect of our environment, the cities we live in.


Fall Quarter 2013:

October 1st – 4pm, Surfside Lounge (SIO)

  • Intended for mixing and organizing, the first meeting is meant for graduate students seeking to make connections across disciplines or to showcase their work to diverse groups of experts.  We will give basic information and work on the schedule for the coming year.
  • Prof. Richard Norris will discuss recent paper in Science (abstract here: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/341/6145/492.abstract ) from special issue on climate change ( http://www.sciencemag.org/content/341/6145.toc#SpecialIssue

October 15th – 4pm, Location: Sustainability Resources Center, Price Center Theater

  • Graduate meeting to discuss climate change and the interacting roles for science and policy.  Short presentations sharing work on or dealing with climate change directly or other examples of interfaces between science and policy.
  • Preparation for the UNFCCC COP meeting in Poland (at which some participants will be attending and presenting).

October 29th – 4pm, Hubbs Hall 4500, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

  • Full meeting on the Science of Climate Change and the Challenge of Policy Solutions.
  • Faculty discussants Andreas Andersson (SIO) and Junjie Zhang (IRPS) will address significant problems in their own research and experiences with global climate policy, with time for questions developed from conversations at graduate meeting.

November 12th – 4pm Hubbs Hall 4500, Scripps Institute of Oceanography

  • Graduate meeting focused on fisheries research, featuring members of the Small-scale and Artisanal Fisheries Research Network.  http://artisanalfisheries.ucsd.edu/
  • Presentations by graduate students Tara Whitty (SIO), Alex Hughes (Political Science), Jeff Shrader (Economics), and Jamie Rossiter (SDSU).

December 3rd – 4pm Deutz Conference Room, Institute of the Americas

  • Cosponsored by USMEX and CILAS, this panel will discuss the fate of and protection plans for the Gulf of California.
  • Often Mexico and Southern California are artificially separated by human barriers, while environmental impacts travel through borders.  Discussants from The Gulf of California Marine Program, Dr. Octavio Aburto, Dr. Brad Erisman, and Dr. Marcia Moreno-Baez, and professor of Urban and Environmental Studies at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Tijuana, Dr. Carlos Israel Vasquez Leon, will give short presentations and participate in a panel discussion of pressing issues and special challenges in conservation, livelihood economics, and marine protected areas.

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