Workshops will build UC faculty’s capacity to translate their research for the public.

1- day workshops at:

UC Merced: April 29, 2016
UC Davis: May 23, 2016
UC Los Angeles: June 10, 2016

Invitational Priorities:

  • sustainability and the environment
  • social justice and inequality
  • big data and digital humanities
  • public health and medical humanities
  • arts and public life

Faculty can apply online by Feb. 1, 2016:

About the OpEd Project:

The OpEd Project is a social venture founded to drive more and better ideas into the world, from a wider range of voices.

We are a community of journalists and thought leaders who actively share our skills, resources and connections across color, creed, class and gender lines. We train underrepresented experts to take thought leadership positions in their fields; we match them with high-level journalist mentors; and we channel the best new ideas and experts to media gatekeepers who need them, across all platforms.

We have been featured in most major media. We envision a world where the best ideas, regardless of where they come from, will have a chance to be heard and to shape society and the world.

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