Metadata Central is an intensive workshop for UC humanities graduate students with or without their faculty advisors. Ten UC students, one for each campus, will be selected to participate in this workshop, centered around two on-site sessions at UCLA in Winter and Spring quarter. From January-June 2016, students will discuss progress and practice with their cohort in regular web-based meetings to gain expertise, learn about available resources, and build a metadata community of practice.

  • Metadata Workshop. January 28 and 29, 2016 at UCLA.
    • Day 1: Discuss the theory practice of metadata for digital humanities projects with several specialists from the Center for Digital Humanities, the UCLA DH program and the UCLA Digital Library Program.
    • Day 2: Work with available specialists to define or refine the type and organization of the metadata relevant to your specific project.
  • Community of practice. January – June 2016 online. During the next five months you will work on your project, with guidance and support gained through regular web meetings and offline knowledge sharing with your cohort and available experts.
  • Project Review. June 2, 2016 at UCLA. Join your cohort once more in Los Angeles to discuss progress, further questions, lessons learned and best practices. You will be asked to reflect explicitly on how metadata feature in your project.

Who is this for? Students in the beginning stage of a research project that involves a strong digital component are encouraged to apply. Each campus’ humanities center will select two or three students, after which the final selection will be made by a committee at UCLA.

To apply: Please provide the following information to your campus humanities center.

  • Project title
  • Describe your project, addressing the following questions in two pages
    • What is your subject and research question?
    • Who are your collaborators? Include library, technology experts as well as other scholars, if any.
    • Who is/are the audience(s) of your project?
    • What type of interactivity do you envisage for your project (e.g., database, GIS, wiki, crowd sourcing etc.)?
    • Do you have access to technical support on your campus for hosting or assistance with soft- or hardware (not required)?
    • Where will your project be hosted?
    • What has been started and/or completed for your project to date?
    • Will your faculty advisor participate in the workshop? If so will (s)he bring his/her own project to the table, or is (s)he part of your group of project collaborators?


Deadline for applications is December 1, 2015. Please email your project description and CV to

A grant will cover workshop costs, travel expenses, room and board for accepted students. Faculty advisors are encouraged to attend, but will not receive compensation. Applying to this grant is a commitment to participate in the full three days of the workshop.


For inquiries contact Deidre Whitmore (workshop coordinator) at or Prof. Willeke Wendrich at