C4H and IAH

Effective July 1st, 2016, the Division of Arts & Humanities welcomed Luis Alvarez and Mark Hanna to lead the newly formed Institute of Arts & Humanities (IAH) as director and associate director.  Director Alvarez will contribute to shaping the vision and mission of both IAH and the Center for the Humanities in order to promote interdisciplinary research and other activities in humanistic lines of inquiry at UC San Diego. In addition, Alvarez will create appropriate programmatic initiatives, such as lecture series and workshops that support interdisciplinary and cross-divisional research projects. Hanna, as directing counterpart, will serve an outward-facing role that maintains and expands connections within the campus community and with university alumni and the public.

Please see the UCSD News Center Announcement page for more information.

Questions? Contact the Center for the Humanities: humctr@ucsd.edu