Below is a list of resources for crafting a career beyond the traditional tenure track position.

Projects and Tools
UC San Diego Career Services offers tools and resources for graduate students.

#Alt-Academy builds resources for humanities scholars working outside of traditional tenure-track career trajectories. Highlights include an e-book and opportunities to contribute to the project.

Versatile PhD contains a plethora of tools and resources for those wishing to explore the many options available to PhDs. This is a subscription-based service. If you are affiliated with UC San Diego, you can access the site through the UCSD subscription here.

How to Convert Your CV to Resume is a compilation of resources collected by Lee Skallerup.

How to Leave Academia provides practical and supportive tools and community spaces for finding a career and life outside of academia.


Humanities Unbound: Supporting Careers and Scholarship Beyond the Tenure Track created by the Scholarly Communication Institute and University of Virginia Library.

The Heart of the Matter is a report by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences on the importance of the humanities.


Alt-Ac Census on Metafilter provides an overview of alt-ac conversations pre-2013.


Beyond Academia was a conference hosted at UC Berkeley in 2014. Online materials include a blog and helpful resources.

How to Secure a Job after your PhD was a video conference that took place in January 2014 with Dr. Nadine Muller. It is recorded and posted online.


The Alt-Ac Track provides advice to graduate students for how to prepare for careers beyond tenure track.

The Repurposed PhD discusses the rise of the alt-ac conversation.

The Ph.D.’s Guides to a Nonfaculty Job Search provides practical advice to transitioning into jobs other than faculty positions.

Blog Articles

A Brief History of the Modern Post-Ac (or Reform or Alt-Ac Movement) Authors of Mama Nervosa provides a timeline of the alt-ac movement with many links.

Being Alt-Ac at the MLA gives a review of alt-ac conversations at the 2014 MLA meeting.

Resources for Transitions Out of Academia provides a list of additional transition tools.

Selling Ourselves Short? discusses the possibilities and resources for alt-ac scholars.

Discussion Forums

How to Leave Academia