Living Archives

This group unites artists, scholars, and community members in developing new models for visual and aural archiving and a fresh perspective on existing interpretive programs and archive spaces. We are interested in theoretical and practical questions such as how a project is translated from fieldwork to its representation; how the technological voice can be redistributed in ways that allow the subjects to take control; how artist researchers can creatively present the archived materials; and how archives can remain useful in an era of non-stop content production. The group’s primary goal is to build and strengthen ties between UCSD and members of the greater San Diego community and other regions, including non-profits, galleries, national parks, and museums.

Participating faculty and students include:

Eun-Young Jung (Music – Ethnomusicology)
David Serlin (Communication)
Teddy Cruz (Visual Arts – Architecture)
Yvette Jackson (Music – Integrative Studies)
Fernando Dominguez Rubio (NYU/CRESC – Sociology)
Lynda Claassen (Geisel Library, UC San Diego)
Kate Clark (Vis Arts – Interdisciplinary Studio)
Hermione Spriggs (Vis Arts – Interdisciplinary Studio)

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