Directors - Luis Alvarez and Mark Hanna

As Institute for Humanities (IAH) director, Alvarez will contribute to shaping the vision and mission of the IAH and the Center for the Humanities, which promotes interdisciplinary research and other activities in humanistic lines of inquiry at UC San Diego. Alvarez will also create appropriate programmatic initiatives, such as lecture series and workshops that support interdisciplinary and cross-divisional research projects. Hanna, as directing counterpart, will serve an outward-facing role that maintains and expands connections within the campus community and with university alumni and the public.

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Associate Director - Erin Glass

Erin Glass joins us from The CUNY Graduate Center where as Digital Fellow and Mellon Interdisciplinary Science Studies Fellow she worked with educators, academics and developers on creating software and initiatives that fostered collaborative research and pedagogy while protecting academic values and user freedom. In addition, Erin has taught workshops on a variety of digital skills and is involved in a wide array of ongoing digital humanities projects ranging from classroom annotation to networked scholarship. Erin is also co-founder and student director of Social Paper, a non-proprietary socialized writing environment for students, which has received support from a National Endowment for the Humanities Digital Start-Up Grant and a CUNY Advance Grant. Erin is thrilled to contribute her expertise in digital humanities to the Center’s important efforts in elevating the visibility of the Arts & Humanities on campus and beyond. She is currently at work on a dissertation which examines the university’s relationship with digital technology at the site of student writing and also explores the radical potential of collaborative and participatory pedagogy.